Frequently Asked Questions

Do You provide consultancy services to every country customer?

Yes, We do. All of our consultancy services are conducted completely online through Video consultation. So, we are just open to all global customers. 

What is the cost of your online consultancy services?

After knowing customer’s requirements, we can offer service costing. Please email us your requirements to get appropriate quotetion. 

What are your special security and safety audit sulotions?

We offer task-specific security and safety audits conducted completely online to our customers. In reality, everybody lives in any sort of home/apartment. So, our Home/Apartment security audit is the best service to all of us. Similarly, School/Hotel/Industry/Hospital Security audit services are also available to our customers. 

Do you offer face to face consultation online?

Yes, We do. 

Do you charge upfront payment?

If the deal is final, customers have to pay according to the negotiated amount of Invoices and after receiving the payment, our experts start to work on projects. 

What is the specialty of your eLearning courses and certifications?

All of our certificate courses are designed and developed with USA & EUROPEAN Standard contents where students learn not only about security and safety subjects but also subjects of Administration, Management and Marketing that are very essential for all types of business and companies around the world. So, all of our courses are compact training. 

How much are the course fees?

We have not fixed any amount as our training fees because different customers from different countries may have different specifications. So, let us know your demand, we will offer you the best affordable eLearning course quotations. 

Do you accept global partnership?

We have several types of business partnership options for individual entrepreneurs and companies from any country in the world. Contact us for learning more.  

How do you receive payments online?

According to European Company regulation, we receive business payments through VISA/MASTERCARD, PayPal, Skrill, and International Bank Transfer. 

Will you provide a payment receipt?

Of course, you will get a 100% official payment receipt to your email after every payment is sent to us. 

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